Hops + Arkona = Hopkona Farms

Located in Lambton County, and surrounded by the apple orchards Arkona is known for, Hopkona Farms is a family-owned and run hop farm.

We started our adventure in Spring 2016. Initially we planted several hops cultivars, two acres in total, and have laid the ground work for two more acres in 2018 to support the growing local craft beer and cider industries.

Our initial hop crop was sold to local brewers. And we plan to continue to grow to other Ontario brewers, cider houses and even home brewers who are interested in locally grown Ontario hops. Local production and supply is important to us, and we want to develop a strong relationship with our clients. Contact us if you wish to purchase or have a particular hop you want grown.

Our varieties

Hops take on different characteristics wherever they are grown – not unlike a terroir. In 2016, we planted three cultivars: Cascade, Centennial and Zeus.

As our hops mature they will develop their own character and profile, and we will be able to provide more details about our Arkona-grown hops.

The information below is taken from “For the Love of Hops” by Stan Hieronymus, published by Brewers Publications. It shows general hop characteristics and does not necessarily reflect our specific crops.


The most widely grown American “aroma” hop; bold, floral, citrusy aroma and flavour

Our 2017 Cascade results:
Alpha: 5.26%
Beta: 5.8%
H.S.I: 0.14

We have 2017 Cascade available.
Contact us for more information.


Recent demand for Centennial has skyrocketed with increase sales of IPAs; uniquely floral.
Alpha: 9.5-11.5%
Beta: 3.5-4.5%
Cohumulone: 29-30%
Total oil: 1.5-2.3%


One of the CTZ hops; very aromatic, with citrus notes and spicy and herbal character.

Our 2017 Zeus results:
Alpha: 15.8%
Beta: 4.41%
H.S.I: 0.23

Our 2017 Zeus is sold out!

We have plans to expand our acerage, with varieties to be determined.

Who we are

Rob + the kids cycling the yard.
Rob + the kids cycling the yard.

Hopkona Farms is the Cudbouts family – that is, Jenn Cudmore and Rob Rombouts, running a hop farm in Arkona, Ontario.

It’s the start of an adventure and the culmination of long discussions. Advocates for local food production, we have planned to start a family-farm for many years. And as fans of craft beer, a hop farm seems just right. Our first step is setting up a hop yard to be part of the burgeoning Ontario hop industry. We have been growing a small number of plants for the past three years and beginning in spring 2016 we started following our dream and putting in 2 acres, with plans for further expansion in the future.

Ontario was once a huge market, but the industry moved West, to Oregon and Washington. In the last few years, with the explosion of craft brewing in Ontario, the demand for Ontario hops has increased and the industry is coming back. While still small (with only about 80 hop yards in total in Ontario) it is quickly growing, and the demand for Ontario hops is expected to outpace supply for a number of years yet.

Contact us

If you’re a craft brewer looking for a local hop supplier; a home brewer desperately seeking fresh hops; a cider-maker looking to expand your horizons with a hopped cider; are interested in coming to help on the farm or take a tour; or just looking for more information about hops – then contact us and we’d love to chat.